The Girl and the Bird still - Emily Mills, director

(Drama, stop motion) After a lifetime of writing their story together, a girl and a bird realize their time with one another is down to its last few pages.  The two friends bid farewell as one chapter ends and another begins.


Director/Producer - Emily Mills

Composer/Violinist - Brianna Rhodes

Vocalist - KT Garcia

Recording Engineer - Logan Castro


Trapped still - Zach Hoskin, director

(Comedy, animation) Mr. Gils, a goldfish, is adopted by a terrifying little boy named Danny. After witnessing the fate of his predecessor, he must free himself... but his chances to escape are drying up.


Director/Producer: Zach Hoskin

Composer - Brianna Rhodes

Vocalist - KT Garcia



The Koi still - Qiyu Zhou, director

(Drama, live action) A high school teacher with a dark past is forced back into the underworld when a student's life is at stake.

Director - Qiyu Zhou

Composer - Brianna Rhodes

Cellist/Pianist - Logan Castro

Recording Engineer - Adam Klein


Each Coming Day, Jennifer Silver - director

(Drama, live action) A young woman visiting her older sister cares for a beloved, aging horse as her sister pushes her to work through their mother's recent death.


Director - Jennifer Silver

Producer - Phillip Thomas

Composer - Brianna Rhodes

Guitarist - Zac Stryker


Switch, Persephonie Rose - director

(Drama, live action) A dominatrix submits to a dangerous politician in order to save her underground nightclub.


Director - Persephonie Rose

Producer - Christopher Nold

Composer - Brianna Rhodes



Sure-fire, Allison Izzo - director

(Comedy, live action) When her crush shows up at a party, Natalie attempts to play it cool to keep her night from going up in flames.


Director: Allison Izzo

Producer: Alex White

Composer: Brianna Rhodes


Flora, Drina Andre - director

(Drama, live action) Flora, a transgender woman, is exposed to prejudice when she uses the women’s bathroom for the first time during a visit to a small cafe.


Director - Alexandrina Andre

Producer - Yiding Ma

Composers - Brianna Rhodes and Zac Stryker

Hedge Hero

Hedge Hero, Lauren Hammond - director

(Comedy, animation) When his friend is taken by a dastardly serpent chef, Ned the hedgehog must gather the courage to become the superhero he’s always been inside.


Director - Lauren Hammond

Producer - Elangie Pereda

Composer - Brianna Rhodes

Across the Channel

Across the Channel, Diana Allgair - director

(Drama, animation)  On a train ride through the English Channel, a British gentleman and a French mademoiselle attempt to overcome the language barrier that divides them.


Director - Diana Allgair

Producer - Lauren Hammond

Composer - Brianna Rhodes


Tilted, Zach Hoskin - director

(Comedy, animation) A crow-exterminator has an insatiable need to exterminate crows.  When his truck crashes and dangles off the side of a cliff, a crow is the only thing keeping him alive.


Director - Zach Hoskin

Producer - Austin Tyler

Composer - Brianna Rhodes