Brianna Rhodes is a Florida-based composer and violinist.  She works with film directors in the area and performs with 8 nearby orchestras, including the Pensacola Symphony and Tallahassee Symphony Orchestra.

From 2006 - 2012, Rhodes focused primarily on writing concert music, most notably Three Piano Preludes, Moire Patterns for violin duo, "Concepts" for String Orchestra and Piano, and Symphony No.1.  Her first foray into music for film was for the 2011 Silents! competition (from the Tallahassee 7 Days concert series), where Rhodes composed and premiered original music for the 1912 stop-motion short "The Cameraman's Revenge."

At Florida State University, Rhodes studied composition with Clifton Callender and Mark Wingate.  From the studio of Benjamin Sung she completed her Bachelor's degree in violin performance, with a focus on French repertoire.

Rhodes has worked extensively with the FSU College of Motion Picture Arts, scoring 10 short films since 2016.  In addition to working with directors she has collaborated with audio engineers, performers, and other composers.  

Brianna is currently enjoying life in Tallahassee, Florida with her two furbabies Tiberius and Soria (the true queen of the house).